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J'Biggets - Ghetto Love

J'BIGGETS Promo - Scale Jumping

LORD ITILL STUDIO (2017) - producer, engineer, studio owner








LIBB PRODUCTIONS VOLUME 1 HOSTED BY DJ. FLAVA KING OF I.D.C (IN DA CLUCH ENT.) The Bronx, Hip-Hop, and L.I.B.B. -- separately, these elements have historical significance.

Collectively, these elements are LETHAL... For over 5 years, Lord Itill and Big Bear have been carving their own niche into the hip-hop pavement.

These two long-time friends possess some of the hottest music production in the B.X. Each of them has their own backgrounds as rap artists; however, producing allows them to be more creative.

So they teamed up together to produce some of the hottest songs for acts like, Mdex, Jbiggets, Chosan and Kenny Juxxx. Having two different production styles.

When these two come together and create tracks, Its Banging. When the idea for the compilation was created. They were thinking about the artist.

Showcasing their Talent with a Mix Cd's every few months. And it was a good idea. Helping artist get there music to the masses. .



L.I.B.B. Productions Presents VOL. 2 - GET YOUR HAND OUT MY POCKET


THE SECOND COMING... Lord Itill and Big Bear do it again with the hot underground release of, Get Your Hand Out My Pocket, Vol. 2 of the L.I.B.B. Productions mix CD collection.

Featured on Vol. 2 are not only the veteran Hip/Hop all-stars, Kenny Juxxs,Chosan(UK/Sierra Leonian/Brooklyn/Bronx MC - WHO- scored a role in Kanye West's brand spankin' new HYPE WILLIAMS directed video - "DIAMONDS", M-Dex and J-Biggets, but there are four new MC's steppin' up to the Mic this go round.

Knowledge aka Ken Boogie da All-Star, the brother and sister duo -- Bliz and Brazy (don't get it twisted, they can both hold their own) and Splash...all four MC's are some of the bronx finest!

On the R&B tip, let us not forget Cheryl Denise and Erica Woods, two highly skilled sista's who represented on Vol. 1 for the ladies, but L.I.B.B. is also bringing you J-Harris,a brother who displays tight vocals and harmonies, adding spice to the R&B flavor.

For the second time around, Lord Itill and Big Bear bless us with nuttin' but head bangin' heat. The tracks displayed add more fuel to the fire, blazing New York City with another hot one from L.I.B.B. Make sure you cop a CD !!!


I Got Mine!!!



L.I.B.B. Presents VOL. 3 - Business, Bullsh*t & Good Times


Hip-Hop don't stop and neither does Lord Itill and Big Bear. The masterminds behind L.I.B.B. Volumes I and II now present to you L.I.B.B. Volume III: "Business, Bullshit & Good Times."

Their hard work has allowed them to connect with Michael Hurdle and Abu Velore – the masterminds behind the Tanyika video, "I Want To Love You".

As one of the most diligent working production companies in the entertainment business, they've sold over 3000 downloads of their original music through the independent artist phenomena.

Speaking of phenomena, this new compilation features twenty tracks of original hip-hop with the familiar spectacular vernacular of artists Chosan, Bliz & Brazy, J-Biggets, Knowledge, Mdex and Shakka.

New L.I.B.B. family will satisfy your eardrums as well. Steppin' into the arena is Tanyika who balances the album with her beautiful vocals and catchy tunes on the aforementioned track, I Want To Love You .

O.D.T. gets your neck snappin' with both of-their contributions to Volume III as well as feature on the Knowledge joint, F*@k you – Pay me .

Mick Manis, a Queens native rocks out his position on the album with the hella fly, I'm Eatin. Tyme Check breathes fire into the project with the sexy banger, Ma Pop That.

Last but not least, 1155 supports the team by adding fuel to the flames with tracks titled, Bounce for Me Shorty and Chocolate Sky.

This album comes highly recommend by the streets as most believe we need more albums like this to put hip-hop back on point - have a listen,

I'm sure you'd agree. Second times a charm but three is the magic number so be sure to check out L.I.B.B. Volume III and support the movement that's bringing the magic back to hip-hop. L.I.B.B.



LORD ITILL STUDIO ( New Beat ) Break Killer

Tan'yika-The Singer


Tan'yika Aretha Franklin is the Queen of "It;" Mary J. Blige brought the essence of hip-hop to "It" and established her own Queendom; to put it simply, some artists have "It" and some artist don't.

The aforementioned "It" is what the music industry defines as soul. New York born artist, Tan'yika not only embodies the word soul, but she is also on a relentless mission to redefine its meaning.

Often described as a strong, deeply felt emotion conveyed by a speaker, a performer, or an artist, soul is what sets apart the music that is heard and the music that is felt.

With her critically acclaimed debut album, "Theory of Love," Tan'yika is successfully showcasing her skills as a singer, songwriter, and dancer, while simultaneously captivating listeners, audiences, and followers worldwide with her soulful approach to not only music, but also to her life.

Life for Tan'yika began in the boroughs of New York with a loving mother and amazing stepfather that cultivated her talents from the beginning.

Although she played a significant role in the family business, working at several of their family-owned bakeries, baking cakes was only one of her many gifts.

With only two cousins that have musical talents, Tan'yika was not a child that was born into a musical family.

Instead she felt that the music and the arts in general spoke to her in a way that only she could understand.

At the early age of 7 years old, Tan'yika had already written her first song. As she moved between The Heights, Jersey, and the Bronx, her writing would begin to mimic the various experiences she had in these different locations.

As her experiences matured, so would her writing, singing, and even her dancing developing her into a full-fledge entertainer.

Tan'yika's talents would later catch the eye of super-producer, Lord Itill and together they would go on to create her first album, "Theory of Love."

Under the direction of LIBB Productions, which is Lord Itill's production company, Tan'yika would compose a masterful project, which contains all the elements of song, emotion, and life capturing the very essence of her soul.

With songs like the romantic banger, "Lost of Attraction" and the eloquent seductiveness of "Romantic Theory," Tan'yika has captivated the jazzed- out audiences at the Sugar Bar to the upscale urban-elite at Club NyChe.

Following in the footsteps of some of her idols and predecessors, Tan'yika dances with the passion and precision of Janet Jackson; her voice resonates powerfully like Chaka Khan; she epitomizes the class and sophistication of Billie Holiday; and she brings that NY swag like Alicia Keys.

She perfectly blends the past, present, and future of music while simultaneously establishing her own dominance in the industry.

Although the "Theory of Love" has brought Tan'yika notoriety, respect, awards, and a bit of fame, she is not the type of artist that is satisfied with any level of success.

In her own words, she so eloquently stated, " I want people to know that life is always about progression and I'm always progressing as an artist and as a person."

It is that approach to life and music that has led this soulful princess to not only begin work on her second album, but to also begin to work on third album as well.

In the midst of creating two albums, Tan'yika still finds the time to tour, write, and amazingly still spend a little time helping out with the family business.

She may have grown up heating up ovens and watching her cakes rise, but now she is heating up stadiums and palladiums worldwide and watching her music rise to the top of the charts.

As stated earlier, some artists have "It" and some artist don't. Tan'yika not only has "It," but she is "It."

She is soul.



Tan'yika - New Video "Romantic Theory"





Whomever coined the phrase, "It's in my blood," must have been talking about Ken Boogie DA All-Star. 

Ken Boogie was born to a mother who had rap skills back in the day, running with old school rappers from the Bronx to Harlem. 

She frequented famous spots like The T-Connection, The Fever and The Roxy, rockin' the mic whenever and however she could. 

Although her local fame didn't grow to epic proportions, she's passed the creative gene to her 21 year old son, Ken Boogie Da All-Star. 

He's an unapologetically raw, entertaining and lyrically intelligent artist, so make way for the next generation.Ken Boogie was born in Alabama, raised in the Bronx, and moved to Tampa at the early age of 10.

He frequently visited New York, staying with his uncle Big Bear, who was also heavily involved in Hip-Hop as a producer.  Kenny always had an ear for music and at the age of 15, he flexed his creative abilities while visiting Big Bear in New York City.

Before Kenny would blossom as an artist, he, like so many of our promising black youths, almost got into using and selling drugs at a tender age. 

However, with the tough love his family and friends provided, he was encouraged to develop his talent as a rapper. 

He was recently flown in from Tampa to the Bronx to record his first album at L.I.B.B. Studios, with the guidance of producers Lord Itill and  (uncle) Big Bear.

The amazing chemistry between the three of them allowed L.I.B.B. Productions to record and mix the dynamic premier album of 13 tracks within one month.

You can catch Ken Boogie grinding on the mix-tape circuit in Tampa, Florida with fellow artists and producers from the same area. 

You can also catch him rockin' shows and mesmerizing crowds. When you hear him flow, don't think he's just another down south rapper, his roots are deeply embedded in the South Bronx -- with a dirty twist! 


How about we let his music speak for it's self?






Chosan and Lord Itill team again to bring the world "#Fergu_son" feat the raspy vocal of D.Steele.

The production was recorded by Lord Itill at Lord Itill studios,Chosan gives his spin on the murder of Mike Brown by the police Officer in St Louis.

Another hip hop classic lyrically and musically.

Stop The killings.







Chosan "Hoodie On" Produced by Lord Itill Productions Taken from the forthcoming Chosan album "Till I Touch The Sun".

"Hoodie On" Stand your ground for Justice, we fight for everything else. Share, Spread and support the Martin family.

Trayvon Martin could have been your son, nephew, brother or even YOU!. Trayvon Martin situation is way bigger than music, this is a FREE DOWNLOAD.

Lets start conversations with our young men, we need them, they are they future are not animals.

We need more positive male role models and mentors in our communities teaching them how to love themselves and be responsible human beings.

Together the ants can overthrow the elephants.







Keep Shining Chosan.







Lord Itill In the Studio with Fortress.




Please Help Push This Album

The Sexy Tan'yika Debut Album "Theory Of Love" is Here...







Chosan New Video ( ENJOY YO SELF )



Tan'yika New Video ( I WANT TO LOVE YOU )



O.D.T. feat. DON JAE New Video (AREA 718)



Lord Itill The Grind Master


It's been many many years and he just gets better with time. His history reaches back to the legendary Bronx - Bronx River Houses to be exact, where an ex-girlfriend's brother taught him how to DJ back in the 80’s.

A seed was planted, and Lord Itill immediately joined the ranks of many who were smitten by hip-hop. To show the new love of his life how serious he was about her, he saved up every bit of money from his Super market job so he could nurture their relationship.

His first gift: Two Turn Tables, a mixer and a Roland R70 drum machine that was used to water her soul, and she bloomed as a result of his cultivation. 

Known as the Grind Master, put simply, Lord Itill has been working hard. Many artists and business partners have come and gone, but he continues to be the last man standing - his fire for hip-hop has never diminished.

One partnership in particular, L.I.B.B. (Lord Itill / Big Bear) Productions, bore the fruit of 3 successful LIBB compilation CDs - Volumes 1 through 3.

As you read this, these classic hip-hop and R&B compilations are continuing to sell on Itunes - World Wide - and have been in heavy rotation for the past 5 years.

Although the L.I.B.B. partnership had countless successes, sometimes, people grow up and grow apart; yet the two talents respect each other, have love for one another and still communicate when the time permits. 

Speaking of time, it is now spring of 2008 and the grinding continues as the years move on. Itill, like most of us, is the sum of his experiences, but he will not quit multiplying.

He is a master engineer, putting his entire studio together on his own, learning through trial and error, gathering the appropriate equipment to run a quality studio.

He is a producer extraordinaire, incorporating all he's learned into beats that are crazier than ever and finally, he is branching out yet again, the universe providing him with more talent, positive energies and higher creativity. 

The diversity of the artists Itill collaborates with continues to expand. Mike Keys aka MC Harmonie, is a Manhattan born/Brownsville raised conscious and spiritual performer.

He’s written over 500 positive rap songs and 7 poetry books over the last 10 years. This devout family man (happily married with one daughter) is creating his music to demonstrate that it is possible to be a role model who can reach the masses with positive messages and still make money.

Lord Itill has produced 10 out the 12 tracks on Harmonie’s completed album entitled, The World I Still Love. Its messages are sure to promote mental elevation to every person in every city across the globe.

MC Harmonie says this about his passion: “My mission and goal is to bring a new flavor of conscious and spiritual rap to hip hop that has been missing for a very long time.”

Next up is Tanyika, who has been working with Lord Itill for the past 3 years - her first project with him being volume 3 of LIBBs: Business, Bullsh*t & Good times.

This sexy R&B vocalist nurtured her love of music by performing in several vocal groups starting at the age of 12. While she was a part of the vocal group, she performed on Amateur Night at the Apollo, dabbled in modeling, and briefly worked with the legendary Grandmaster Flash and Mr. Broadway.

The experience provided the foundation for her to not only become business savvy, but it also assisted her in developing her niche in this industry.

Notably, Tanyika has written and recorded songs for artists ..ting Records, she’s worked with Bernard Wright, sang background vocals for Jazz artist Bimshi, and has also lent her vocals to Capital Records, Def Jam and Virgin.

Her next stamp in the R&B pavement will be the album, Theory of Love, in which Lord Itill has produced all 12 tracks. With the combination of Tan'yika’s vocal prowess, lyrical style and Itill’s brilliant production, this album is the proverbial sure shot.

Last but certainly not least amongst those that Lord Itill is bestowing his genius upon, is a favorite amongst music lovers far and wide - Chosan.

He's been collaborating with Itill since 2003, appearing on all volumes of LIBBs sought after work. London born and Sierra Leone bred; Chosan is focused on living his dream.

Itill has played a vital role in conjunction to Chosan’s goal being his producer, engineer and friend.

He has produced several tracks for Chose's up and coming album entitled, Diamond in the Dirt and I’m sure this won’t be the end of their impressive creative union.

Itill and Chosan are comparable in the drive to succeed in this business. The two are consistent, persistent and passionate about their love for music – the chief characteristics needed to achieve your goals.

Indeed, it’s been a while since Itill began this journey. From being the producer lacing an artist with a tight track, to being an engineer who tweaks and polishes a song until its winning finish - Lord Itill is indeed the Grind Master.

He is a prime example of the fact that this business of music is not for the faint of heart, and Itill's heart continues to beat loud and clear.

For further information, contact Lord Itill at: PHONE. 718 732 2769