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L.I.B.B. VOL. 1

Libb Productions: Vol. 1
LIBB PRODUCTIONS VOLUME 1 HOSTED BY DJ. FLAVA KING OF I.D.C (IN DA CLUCH ENT.) The Bronx, Hip-Hop, and L.I.B.B. -- separately, these elements have historical significance. Collectively, these elements are LETHAL... For over 5 years, Lord Itill and Big Bear have been carving their own niche into the hip-hop pavement. These two long-time friends possess some of the hottest music production in the B.X. Each of them has their own backgrounds as rap artists; however, producing allows them to be more creative. So they teamed up together to produce some of the hottest songs for acts like, Mdex, Jbiggets, Chosan and Kenny Juxxx. Having two different production styles. When these two come together and create tracks, Its Banging. When the idea for the compilation was created. They were thinking about the artist. Showcasing their Talent with a Mix Cd's every few months. And it was a good idea. Helping artist get there music to the masses. .