The Moment Of Truth


This is hip hop from the streets. Knowledge is from Tampa but born in the NYC.. so you know this album is sick... check it out


Whomever coined the phrase, "It's in my blood," must have been talking about Ken Boogie DA All-Star. Ken Boogie was born to a mother who had rap skilz back in the day, running with old school rappers from the Bronx to Harlem. She frequented famous spots like The T-Connection, The Fever and The Roxy, rockin' the mic whenever and however she could. Although her local fame didn't grow to epic proportions, she's passed the creative gene to her 21 year old son, Ken Boogie Da All-Star. He's an unapologetically raw, entertaining and lyrically intelligent artist, so make way for the next generation.

Ken Boogie was born in Alabama, raised in the Bronx, and moved to Tampa at the early age of 10. He frequently visited New York, staying with his uncle Big Bear, who was also heavily involved in Hip-Hop as a producer. Kenny always had an ear for music and at the age of 15, he flexed his creative abilities while visiting Big Bear in New York City.

Before Kenny would blossom as an artist, he, like so many of our promising black youths, almost got into using and selling drugs at a tender age. However, with the tough love his family and friends provided, he was encouraged to develop his talent as a rapper. He was recently flown in from Tampa to the Bronx to record his first album at L.I.B.B. Studios, with the guidance of producers Lord Itill and (uncle) Big Bear. The amazing chemistry between the three of them allowed L.I.B.B. Productions to record and mix the dynamic premier album of 13 tracks within one month.

You can catch Ken Boogie grinding on the mix-tape circuit in Tampa, Florida with fellow artists and producers from the same area. You can also catch him rockin' shows and mesmerizing crowds with his manager Big Mook. When you hear him flow, don't think he's just another down south rapper, his roots are deeply embedded in the South Bronx -- with a dirty twist! How about we let his music speak for it's self?

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