[Annansi News] Bling is Dead!

Happy Holidays all! Yes we're a little early, but I just wanted to tell you that in case you don't hear from us during the holidays. 

What have we been up to you ask? Well.... Bling is Dead! Bling is Dead! That's our motto for the holiday season.

In fall of 2005 Annansi launched the Demand Details! initiative at the H2O Film Festival along with director Kareem Edouard's Bling: Repercussions and Consequences.

The Demand Details! initiative continues this fall with the Bling is Dead project featuring Sierra Leonean mc Chosan.

In the year (imagine that) since we began the initiative on educating everyone about the effects of illicit diamond mining in Africa, there's been some progress but not enough as far as we're concerned.

With 70% of the world's diamonds originating in Africa and only 10% of the profits making it's way back to the continent, the diamond industry continues to add insult to injury.

As Annansi's efforts continue behind the scenes, we've partnered with another future star, Chosan, who has released a song "Blood Diamonds" featuring Augi and produced by Lord Itill of LIBB productions.

As most of you know Chosan was called in by Kanye West to lend his authenticity to the "Diamonds from Sierra Leone" video which put the spotlight on hip-hop's obsession with the same diamonds which Africans are dying for.

With Chosan lending his talents to our Bling is Dead project we're continuing to send a message that Africans ARE helping themselves.

We've also released the Bling is Dead t-shirt as part of the project. Listen to the soulful track and learn what you need to know to make sure you are not supporting the exploitative business practices of the diamond manufacturers at www.BlingisDead.org.


You can also join the movement at


Keep your eye on both sites for contributions from some of our other partners,

MyspaceAfrica.com, The African Film Commission, and WGH Films.


Remember to get the information and change the way someone thinks about Africa.

Spring/Summer 2006 NY Fashion Week Not one to let NY Fashion Week go by without any African flavor. Annansi Clothing Co. previewed a few pieces from it's upcoming women's line (yes it's coming) at the Chelsea Studios on September 8th.

In support of our friends at Sofistafunk Skirt Co., we spent the day meeting and greeting the fashion press and public alike and giving them a taste of our African-inspired streetwear.

The pieces were well received and we got some appetites wet for what's to come. Thanks to celebrity photographer Rowena Husbands, we've got some pictures from the event are on our flickr site.

Check it out. Esquire and Wyclef Every year Esquire Magazine opens the Esquire House in Los Angeles to host numerous celebrity charity-themed events that enable them to raise money for worthy causes.

The Esquire House "personifies the Esquire lifestyle and 'Man at His Best'." The events always involves a who's who of the entertainment industry.

As part of the Esquire House event, musician Wyclef Jean is auctioning a signed Selassie shirt from Annansi Clothing Co.'s collection.

The auction includes contributions from Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, Ellen Degeneres, and Angie Stone to name a few.

Bidding will soon be over so head over to the site before Esquire House closes for the season. That's all for now.

As usual you can keep up with us at www.myspace.com/annansiclothing or email us at info@annansiclothing.com.

To learn who else is making Africa POP around the world, read our blog at www.annansichronicles.com.


Sincerely, --The Team at Annansi Clothing Co. "Afrique C'est Chic" www.annansiclothing.com

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