Chosan "Hoodie On" Produced by Lord Itill Productions Taken from the forthcoming Chosan album "Till I Touch The Sun".

"Hoodie On" Stand your ground for Justice, we fight for everything else. Share, Spread and support the Martin family.

Trayvon Martin could have been your son, nephew, brother or even YOU!.

Trayvon Martin situation is way bigger than music, this is a FREE DOWNLOAD.

Lets start conversations with our young men, we need them, they are they future are not animals.

We need more positive male role models and mentors in our communities teaching them how to love themselves and be responsible human beings.

Together the ants can overthrow the elephants. SPREAD, SHARE, AND SUPPORT. KEEP THE FAMILY AND ALL OUR YOUNG IN YOUR PRAYERS!



https://www.dropbox.com/s/vrmnovxtfd0a0to/HOODIE%20ON.mp3 Soundcloud http://snd.sc/12Dyev3 YouTube http://youtu.be/W0JT8J2YLDM


Keep Shining Chosan.

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